Sunday, April 19, 2015

You can have our dog!!

2/8/15 Hey mom! Sounds like you are having a pretty busy time back home.  But its more like anxiously engaged right?? :) Yeah i have done a lot of praying and relying on the lord and finding things to do to keep myself engaged in the work.  Because truth be told, this mission is very laid back and it is very difficult to stay focused sometimes.  For example, we are not allowed to proselyte or tract or street contact.  We can only get our investigators from the members of the wards, so our main job is to inspire the ward members to engage in the effort of missionary work.  It is quite different than what i thought i would be doing but nonetheless i will do what the lord asks of me.  On a funnier and kind of sadder note, today we couldn't figure out who our fafanga was (the member family that was going to feed us) so our neighbors said we could have one of their don't hear that everyday in America haha.  So we went over and i about died because i watched them "put the dog down" (in a nicer term for a really gruesome action).  Then we picked some mei (breadfruit) and skinned the dog and it is now cookin in the umu (underground pit thang...haha).  Ill be honest, i am still a little freaked out from the whole putting the dog down scenario because it wasn't the nicest tap on the head with a log that i have ever seen...ha...but i guess thats a good way to say WELCOME TO TONGA!!!! HAHAHA!! Anyways, if their is anything i will say for this week, a good thing to do for ourselves as a reminder of how good God is and how much he blesses us is to keep a notebook/journal of blessings we have in our life.  Just a person or a thing and a brief description of why we are grateful for them or it.  It really has opened my eyes to how much God has blessed me.  It also made me realize why i am so home sick...its because i have blessed  with the best family ever!!!  The best friends anyone could ask for!!! The gospel!!! and so much more in my life!!!  Funny that i had to travel thousands of miles away to truly understand that!!! :)
Anyways, I love you mom!! Thanks for the advice!  It always lifts my spirit and makes my week brighter to hear from you and the family and that you are supporting me :)
I love you mom!  Always and Forever!!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!!!

Elder Tavake

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