Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Book of Mormon is the evidence of the gospel!!

1/23/15 Hey mom! How are you?  I love hearing from you!  It really makes my week! Ever since that moment i feel that i have an undying and unwavering testimony in this gospel and i cant wait to serve his children in tonga!  I actually leave this sunday...crazy huh? i will be leaving the mtc at 2 in the afternoon to go to the slc airport.  From there, me and elder kolopeaua will be flying to la, then to new zealand, then to tonga. so like 24 or so hours of flying haha!  I got a letter from Noa this week tho and i cant explain the joy it brought! Especially since he isnt very good at writing letters it means a lot to me that he wrote me! :) THanks for the advice mom!! I always need it! :) This week was pretty awesome!  Nothing as crazy as the last two weeks but it was uplifting and spiritual nonetheless!  We had a wonderful opportunity to hear from Elder M. Russel Ballard and he spoke about the book of mormon and how it is the evidence of this gospel.  I thought about that a lot.  My conclusion i found was so simple yet so inspiring!  I thought and reflected upon how it is the "Evidence" of the the restored gospel and also that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  It is literally and physically something that can be held and pondered by all people. It is physical proof and evidence of the gospel! BUt more importantly, when people will read and ponder its message they receive spiritual confirmation that it contains all of the spiritual evidence that THIS IS THE TRUE AND RESTORED GOSPEL!! I just thought how that was the coolest thing!!  People want evidence of the truth and we have it, but it can only be confirmed by way of the Holy Ghost which reveals the truth to the most in parts of our being.  For example, i could show someone all the facts in the world about why the book of mormon is true. I could give them all of the evidence that supports its claim and truth.  But only when they read and ask in sincere prayer will they ever KNOW that it TRULY IS EVEDENCE! because only the Holy Ghost will confirm all the evidence and its truth.  Hahaha i really hope that isnt too confusing haha! but i loved it! Another really awesome thing he talked about was, if you are ever feeling discouraged and feel like God has forsaken you, think about Joseph in Liberty Jail.  Think about how he was persecuted and for months was sleeping on the dirty, infected, cold and barren floor.  He was given food that was hardly edible and all while the saints were being driven to and fro.  He told us, i want you to think about that.  I want you to really ponder.  and then i want you to write a letter of what you wouldsay to try and comfort him and lift Joseph's spirit.  What would you tell him? What kind of advice would you give him as he sat in the wastes for months.  He then told us, as you do this, you will come to realize that your problems are not always the biggest things in the world and you will start to have more compassion on others rather than yourself.  He told us that if we ever felt discouraged, to do this. Write a letter to Joseph in Liberty Jail and watch what happens. This inspired me so much!! So i say that this is what we all should do if we ever feel discouraged and watch what happens!!
I love you mom!!  I love you forever and i love you for always!!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!!
Elder Tavake

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