Sunday, April 26, 2015

1st 2 Baptisms and an encounter with a cockroach :-0

2/15/15 Hey mom! Yeah things are going pretty good but i am getting better thanks to all of your advice and counsel!! Thanks for always knowing what to say because it really does help a ton!! But i am glad you enjoyed the story because i have got a couple more from this week. haha. This week was pretty awesome though because we had our first two baptisms!!  Their names are SP and SK. It was funny because guess who got to baptize them?? This guy!! oh yeah...and it was in tongan!! haha.  Here is the prayer "State their name.  Kuo fakamafai'i au e Sisu Kalaisi pea oku ou papitaiso koe i he huafa oe Tamai, pea moe Alo, pea moe Laumalie Ma'oni'oni. Emeni" So we had to go and prep the baptismal font like 3 and a half hours before because i guess they havent had a baptism here in months, so the font was super dirty and needed to be cleaned.  Then is took like an hour or so to fill so we were there for a while.  But it was a really cool experience getting to baptize in the mission field for the first time!  And in tongan!! Afterwards, this thought came into my head saying "This is why you are here."  And i thought that was the coolest thing!!  Also another funny story, me and Elder Lisiate were walking home and right when we walked in our door something fell on my neck. So i grabbed it...yeah..bad was a cockroach!!! I hucked it and it scurried under my bed...blahhhh!!  I touched it!!!!  It was the grossest thing ever!! I almost threw up and i kinda squealed like a little girl haha! But thats all for this week! Lovin the work!!  Things are going great!!
I love you mom!! Always and forever!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!
Elder Tavake

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