Sunday, April 26, 2015

2 Baptisms and Say, "Try me!" instead of "Why me?"

2/22/15 Hey mom!!  ...The work is going well here, however i am still adjusting but i will be just fine :) This week was another great week!! So i will mention that i have already seen two huge spiders that were like the size of the palm of my hand!!! EWWWWWWWW!! It was sick, and i squealed, again....and i wasnt even that close to it....yeah...really need to work on the whole being a man thing haha!! jk! ok, maybe im a little serious...haha.  Anyways, on Wednesday we had another baptism! And funny story, so my comp and i forgot to teach her how to be baptized. Ya know, the whole bend your knees and plug your nose type deal.  So when I went to baptize her, instead of it being like she goes in nice and easy and comes out all graceful, it went a little more like this: After the prayer, i went to baptize her and then she pretty much kicked up both of her feet and i was suppose i was to catch her like she was a newly wed bride! haha! So i was trying to make this look as nice and graceful as possible, but it didnt exactly turn out that way.  See, she was already under the water, and i havent worked out in a while...which is not to be taken the other way, because she was a very healthy young woman...haha! We will just say it was a lot of water weight, ya? haha! But i didnt want her family to think that i was drowning her ya know. So i kind of yanked her out of the water a little...but hey, its not my fault she was swept off her own two feet hahahaha! jokes!!  Another great and funny story is that we had a fourth baptism on Saturday. So everything was going good.  We had good talks and a good baptismal program and then we got to the baptismal part...So while we were walking in to where the baptismal font is, i slowly started making my way down into the font and guess what...i slipped!!...yep, not exactly the most graceful baptizer in the mission field. I fell into the baptismal font in front of everyone and everyone started laughing. Well everyone except bishop...but fortunately my head didnt go in so i didnt look like i baptized the both of us haha! Anyways, the baptism, after my clutz moment, went great!! So all jokes aside, i am so grateful for the baptisms that we have had this week and even though i am a clutz, the spirit was still there and each moment was a beautiful moment.  To witness two more of God's children take that first step in coming unto Christ is a beautiful opportunity! To be a part of it is something words cannot describe. I love this Gospel and even though it can be hard sometimes i have learned that the Lord allows hardships and trials to either 1) strengthen us as his children and as his disciples. or 2) to create a way to show forth his mighty hand and mighty works among the children of men!! I am grateful for these trials and the ones that i know will come.  There is a saying that i remembered during this past week and it said, "Instead of saying 'Why me?' we should be saying 'TRY ME!'" So remember if times get hard and you dont know what to do or you just dont see the point of whats happening and feel like giving up, remember that the Lord has a plan.  Remember that he is your strength if you will let him be so. Remember to think as the savior did and say "Try me!" And we will receive strength we never knew we had!
I love you mom!! Always and forever!!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!!
Elder Tavake

Ps. Thanks for everything you taught me mom.  I am learning more and more that everything you and dad ever taught me was so i could embark in the service of God here in Tonga.  So thank you for being the great example and mother that you are and always have been to me!!! I love you!!! <3

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