Sunday, April 19, 2015

Faith to heal

1/2/15  Hey mom!  I loved hearing from everyone!! That was amazing!!  all the othermissionaries were like "dang your family loves you!" haha it was really funny cuz i was like "i know my family is awesome!! they are the best!!" haha. might have been a little bit prideful but its true haha!  any ways this week has been awesome! lots of great experiences! ill share one in particular where Brother muir, a member of our branch presidency shared a story about a woman he had taught on his mission.  This woman had 5 kids and lived in fiji.  she had 5 kids and had heard about the church so asked her husband if she could investigate.  He gave his approval but said he did not want to hear it.  This man was very loving but had a couple bad habits.  One, he was a heavy smoker and drinker and two he loved gambling.  But above everything he said that he loved his family and would do everything and anything for them.  He was also very wealthy so he was able to support his family but sadly, he also was also able to support his bad habits.  Well Brother Muir and his companion started giving the wife and her kids lessons.  Each time, however, the husband would walk right past the missionaries out the front door and would not be seen until sometime after the end of the discussion.  Well his wife and children were baptized and would walk miles every sunday to get to church.  The husband would walk with his family every sunday but would wait outside the church and smoke until his family came out.  One week this mans daughters has a random infection in her leg and is rushed to the hospital.  The doctors said that there was nothing wrong that they could see.  and the wife decided to call brother muir and his companion.  They arrived and gave her a blessing.  The next day she was completely healed and the doctors could not figure out what had happened.  Later on, the husband called the missionaries and told them he wanted to take the lessons.  In each lesson he knew all the answers.  and brother muir came to find that when this man was leaving every time they had a lesson previously he would slip back in through the back door and listen to the lessons.  He said he wanted to be baptised after the lessons and he said he would quit smoking.  He went to the doctors and asked them how he could quit. They told him he would have to slowly work his way down from 4 packs a day to 1 before he could stop.  He asked what would happen if he just stopped.  The doctor told him that he would probably be hospitalized from such a withdraw.  This man grabbed the pack of cigarettes from his pockets and told the doctor "You better role out a bed for me because starting right now, I quit!" Then he tossed the pack in the garabage and walked out.  He was later baptized and became the stake president there.
Awesome and powerful!! right??
Thats my story for you!
I love you mom!!  i miss you tons and hope you are doing well!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!!
Elder Tavake

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