Sunday, April 19, 2015

When life knocks you on your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray. The Lord is merciful.

2/2/15 Hi mom! Sounds like everyone is doing well out there! Sorry, i meant to write yesterday but its not as easy to get access to the internet here.  There is only one computer and there is 8 of us haha.  Well keep writing cuz this is my favorite part of the week!! I love hearing from you all!! Anyways, This week has been the hardest week of my life...i cant explain how hard its been. But funny enough its where i found something that i never would have really found without this experiences.  To kind of explain.  I arrived in tonga on tuseday and i was droppped off to meet my new companion.  My new companion is Elder Lisiate.  He is from Rosepark Utah haha!  We are serving in Kolonga. But as soon as i was dropped off the work began. We went out ands visited with all the members of the two wards we covered.  I pretty much didnt say a word the entire first three days. I felt so alone and separated from everyone because i was new, i was the palangi missionary, i was in a country i hadnt really been before, and i cant even speak the language!!  Yeah i was pretty overwhelmed...i will admit that i have never felt more alone, and i have never thought more about wanting to just come was the hardest thing in the world.  Oh and i forgot to mention...i am getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!!!!!! This went on for days...and it seemed like there was no way i was going to make it two years.  So i knelt in prayer just asking if i could have some help to lose myself in His work, cuz i knew that if i didnt get help i was not going to make it.  I testify that the Lord is merciful and mindful of each of us because the next few days after i had prayed and cried to the Lord for help, the days began to become brighter to me.  We started getting more lessons and teaching more.  We met an 18 year old guy from NZ. He loves learning about God and speaks english!!  So i have been able to teach!!  I love it!! I have also found that because we have a lot of down time there is alot of time for me to study and perfect my language, knowledge of the scriptures, and the lessons.  I am so excited!! But what i learned and will forever cherish is that in my lowest point in life and my mission so far, i learned that i need to rely on the Lord.  So in your darkest moments when you feel lost and in despair pray mightly to the Lord and he will give you strength you have never felt before!!  Thats my experience for this week!!  I love you mom!! I love you always and forever!!!  I pray for you all everyday and you are doing well!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!!!
Elder Tavake

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