Sunday, April 19, 2015

12/26/14 Thanks mom! I love you! And its been an awesome experience here. And ya i have had some rough days but i just have to keep an eye single to the glory of god. i have been blessed to have such a great companion and district and even more so a great zone and branch! they are all so supportive and loving and are also very understanding.  We have had a quite a few crazy experiences already.  One in particular, this week, we had a sad and scary incident happen.  One of the boys in our district has just lost his mother and on top of that broke his arm and may have to go home which depresses him even further.  He has been coping with this for a little while but i think it just became too overwhelming.  A few nights ago, this elder was fast asleep but was screaming and throwing a fit in his bed.  we tried to wake him up but...he just spazzed out and would not wake from sleep.  One of the branch presidency came and they rushed him to the hospital.  They informed us and told us not to let any of the other missionaries know that he had been overcome by an evil spirit and they had to remove the spirit from their presence...scary right...but he is better now and we have been taking care of him and trying to support him the best we can.  On a positive note, the devotionals have been amazing because each is so inspiring and reminding of our purpose out here in the mission field!  Russell M Nelson spoke to us and had a cool quote.  He said "Jesus paid for a debt he did not owe because we owe a debt that we cannot pay"  and i thought that even though i can never repay him, i know that the next best thing is to always pay it forward.  and what better way to that than in the mission field!! well i love you mom and i cant wait to write you next week!! 
I love you always and forever mom!!!
Ofa lahi atu!
Your son Elder Tavake :)

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