Sunday, April 19, 2015

Welcome to the MTC!

Hi mom!!  the MTC is fun! still getting used to everything tho. i was blessed to have such a great companion for reasons i will tell you a little later.  but he is awesome.  but im glad you got a picture because i dont have an adapter to send pictures yet but i will have it by next week so i will send some next letter.  I ran into sister faupula from our stake and i think she takes off next week.  But not many others haha.  Yesterday was kinda hard because i was not feeling so great confidence wise and spiritually because im rooming in a residence hall full of tongans and samoans and all other polynesians who all speak a different language and are learning theirs very on the other coming along i guess...but me and my district had the great chance to meet with our branch president , President Willes, and his two counselors, Brother Coombs and Brother Muir.  He gave a powerful lesson on missionary work and what our purpose is here.  It really helped lift my spirit and i know that was definitely a blessing from the Lord.  Each of us were interviewed by the Presidents counselors and got to know a little bit of the branch presidency.  After class however, President wanted to remind how much he loves us, and that if there is one thing that he wants us to take away from the lesson it would be the knowledge that he loves us. Then he announced that My companion Elder Kolopeaua would be my senior companion, Elder Smothers (one of our roommates) would be the senior companion in his companionship.  then he extended a calling to me.  He asked if i  would accept the calling to serve as a district leader.  I accepted.  So its been a pretty crazy few days...haha!  But fortunate for me my companion speaks quite a bit of Tongan and on the first official day we already had to give a lesson in tongan to an investigator...ya, i know...haha!  the lesson went alright but i have to teach again today so i guess we will see how that goes haha!  anyways while i am in the mtc tho, my prep day will be on fridays so i guess thats when i get to write you :) well i guess thats all for these past few days.  I love you mom!! i miss you and the family tons...but i know why i am out here so that definitely helps.  But tell dad, noa, vake, eva, laulea, and ahea i love them and miss them so much! and i cant wait to hear from you next week!!  I love you mom!! 
Ofa lahi atu
Love Elder Tavake

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