Sunday, June 21, 2015

Did Anyone Grab the Ice cream?

Hi mom! Long time no talk! haha sorry.  In kolonga, the internet was literally broken and i had no way of writing home... but a few things have happened in the past few weeks since i last spoke to you.  So I had my first real transfer where i moved areas. I moved much closer to the city in a village called Fanga.  It is so different compared to being in kolonga haha!  It made me realize that i really was in the bush when i got here to fanga haha! In kolonga there werent many people driving around or even walking around really.  But then over here there are always cars going places and people walking up and down the streets!  And there are tons of lights!! In kolonga we had one street light haha! But here in Fanga there are lights everywhere1 It was almost like being back in america haha. Anyways, my new comp is Elder Lolohea. He is from Glendale, UItah..go figure right?  He has been out for 9 months and he sounds really good when he speaks to the ward members. I sure hope mine will be as good as his in 7 months haha.  The work over here is going good we just need to keep pushing forward with faith and strive ever harder to be obedient.  I love my area though!! The kainga lotu (ward members) are super friendly and are helping a lot with my tongan.  My zones are also really cool and the first few days i was here they took me and my hoa (companion) out for ice cream!! That took me back haha!  Funny story though. So we went to the beach at like 8 and just chilled on the dock eating out dinner with the zones and we were just finishing our dinnner and about to tear into the ice cream when the zones got a call from their kainga lotu for a fai ngaue (priesthood blessing) so we all gathered up our food and packed it into the car.  As we were driving along, laughing and having a good time, i heard something hit the side of the car...i stopped the laughter and asked a horrifying question..."Did anyone grab the ice cream off the top of the car?" Elder Freer (one of the zones) was like "Thats not funny man. I know you have it." I responded that i didnt.  Once again Freer said "I know you have it." and added "I know you hav it man. Stop playing around." Thats when we all started busting out laughing and stopped the car.  We got out of the car and what do we see...?  Four sad missionaries... hahaha!! So we didnt actually get to eat ice cream that night haha. Sucks though huh? What a waste...well i am sure the dogs enjoyed it. And they better cuz if i get hungry anytime soon i am gonna tap one of the dogs on the head with a stick...gently of course...hahahahahaha!!! Well i dont have a ton of time but i just wanted to let you all know that i am doing good and i will most likely be in better contact k=now that i am in the city haha.  On another note, general conference was simply beautiful and exactly the reminder i needed to look at the goal ahead in this great and marvelous work!!!  I encourage any who are struggling in any way to listen to the talks that were given and pay attention to the feelings and thoughts you have as they speak, rather than trying to write down everything we hear.  I promise you will receive strength and wise counseling from our heavenly father as you hearken to the words of these inspired men and women!!
I love you mom!! Always and forever!!!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!!
Elder Tavake

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Ikuna Tavake
1st one is me and my new comp
Ikuna Tavake
This is grandpa vics old house in which he does not live... i missed him by that much haha. But i will keep looking.
Maile Tavake
YAY!!! So happy to hear from you!! It's only been a week since I last wrote but it's been a full week of work and play! All the kids were out of school for Spring break so I had them go to work with me for half a day and then w...
Maile Tavake
Awww.... wow :( Thanks for sharing. Love you!
Ikuna Tavake
to me
Apr 12
Thats really funny!! hahaha i miss that guy! but thats even funnier that he had your number and the prank flipped backwards haha!! Well i love you mom and i love hearing from you and that you are doing ok. I pray for you all every day and i hope all is well.  Thanks for checking up ion me and writing even when i cant.  But it sounds like everyone is good. I am also happy for noa and amber because i personally think those to just need to stop procrastinating and get married already!! hahaha jk!! kinda.... haha. But i will talk to you next week! I love you mom!!!1 Always and forever!!!!

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