Sunday, June 21, 2015

Black beetle in my shower!

Hey mom!! Yeah that stuff was pretty gnarley haha.  And i ate some mei right after but that did not even come close to drowning out the taste of that horrible witches brew haha. After eating that all i really wanted was a good ol slice of pizza... :( hahahaha!! But not much happened this week due to a ton of heavy rain and a putu which meant we couldnt really do any work for like 3 days... kinda sucks but gotta respect the family and the culture. The upside is i got to read my scriptures a ton and i love the scripture so much more the more that i read them!!! Being in the mission field puts an entire new perspective on the idea of reading about missionary work in the Book of Mormon.  The best example is the story of Ammon and King Lamoni.  I have learned that the best way to teach and even to learn is by easy and simple truths as nephi said he rejoiced in.  In the Book of Alma, Ammon teaches King Lamoni in such a simple, yet true way, that there is no denying its truthfulness because of its simplicity and truth.  It also helped that Ammon used words and concepts that King Lamoni would understand and could refer to for a more clear picture.  I just love that story of Ammon even more now!!!! 
I forgot to mention another bug experience that i had this week though haha! So this past week, i cant remember specifically on which day, i got up in the morning and i was moving like a zombie hung over (on the spirit of course haha). My comp was still asleep and i decided to hop in the shower before i did my morning program. So here in Tonga, we have to turn on a pump to get the water to flow through the pipes.  So i walked sluggishly dragged my weighted feet into the bathroom and i turned on the pump to let the water kind of work its way to the shower head haha.  So while thats happening i brushed my teeth and waited for like a min.  (Sing this next part to "popcorn popping on the apricot tree") I move the shower curtain and what do i see... a fat black beetle staring back at me!! haha! Ya know some people have a hard time waking up in the morning, like myself, and i think i found a very effective way to jump start you morning.  It has a horn looking thing, is black, has six legs, and a stare like death....yeah that'll getcha hahaha!! So i tried to just wash it down the drain but it was being such a punk! Its like it didnt want to be in the drain or something hahaha! Anyways finally it goes down and i hop in the shower thinkin alls good right?.....WRONG!!! As soon as i close the shower curtain i see something scurry over my foot and hop on to the wall next to me.  Now it could have been the friendly neighborhood spiderman...but probly not...i look over and a cockroach the size of door knob is just chillin on the wall...did i mention it scurried across my foot....ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! In the span of about a half of a second i tried to scream but remembered that my companion was still asleep so i tried to muffle it...didnt work out to well... it sound like this sheep video:    Now that you have the sound, i screamed like a sheep and hoppped out the shower like i was running the hurdles in track haha!! So the next fifteen minutes of my morning were spent trying to build up the courage to even go back in to the bathroom and what i was going to do when i went back haha.  So i tried the drain idea again but guess what?  The thing was too darn big for the drain!!!! So plan B) squash the sucker!! muahahaha! jk, it was more like this guy/girl video:   I cannot explain how many times i had to smack this thing to kill it or at least get it to stop moving its legs so much.  Because even after i hit it and it couldnt run anymore it still flailed its antennae around like it was at a led zepplin concert!!  Yeah...gross!!!!!!!!! So that was pretty much the best alarm clock i have ever experienced!!! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!! haha jk!!!! Any that was my week.

Love you mom!! Always and forever!!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!
Elder Tavake

Ofa Lahi Atu!!
Elder Tavake

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